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This page will provide you with high-quality instant results on how to obtain the American Visa lottery application form. Discover the Best and Highest Quality Guide for Studying, Living, and Working Abroad. Meanwhile, thanks to the Diversity Immigrant Visa (DV) Program Agency, all of this is free. Read to the end to get all you need to know about the American visa Lottery, stick to this website.

American Visa lottery Form & Application Guide

Also, find out more about the available scholarship and job sponsorship programs, which are useful resources and simple to apply for.

As a result, you will have more to gain on this page and will be able to proceed with your registration as explained in the procedures below.

My advice for this Visa Lottery Applicants:

Applicants for Diversity Visas should be wary of bogus emails, websites, and letters claiming to be part of the application process. Scammers posing as representatives of the United States government use these to extort money.

Meanwhile, applicants should report any instances of DV Lottery fraud to the official email address and website listed on this page. Applicants should be aware that there is no price for applying for Diversity Visas, and the US government does not require payment through email or letter.


After reading the directions and guide on this page above and below, you should begin the application process, which is simple and maybe started right now from your device.

However, we strongly advise that the only method to apply for a green card lottery is to do it online at the US Department of State website, which is linked below.

The Electronic Diversity Visa Entry Form, which you fill out online, is only available during the DV open registration period. In the meantime, you won’t be able to print the form and fill it out; instead, you’ll have to fill it out and submit it online.



What You Need to Do Always

Here are some guidelines and directions that you should follow at all times when registering online:

  • Keep only one profile.
  • Read all of the directions thoroughly.
  • The use of recommended document formats such as PDF, Doc, and so on.
  • Before submitting your application, please review it.
  • Use a valid and active email address for notice.
  • Always stay up to date by joining the forum or becoming an email subscriber.
  • Please contact the Visa, scholarship, job, or other online portals directly through the Contact us page.
  • To learn more, ask questions and seek suggestions.


Note: Not everyone will receive this Award, therefore you should make your application very neat and exceptional. If you have any problems with any of the instructions, please join our free email subscribers to receive updates on the next steps to take.

By selecting applications primarily from countries with low rates of immigration to the United States in the previous five years, the lottery strives to diversify the immigrant population in the United States. Follow the steps in the Diversity Visa Process on usvisas state gov from the guide below to apply for a diversity visa.

american visa lottery



What is the Diversity Visa lottery?

Have you ever overheard an immigrant in your neighborhood describing how he or she “won the lottery?” Your neighbor is most likely referring to the Department of State’s Diversity Visa program, which strives to increase the diversity of immigrants who come to live in the United States.

Every year, the Diversity Visa program offers permanent residency (often known as a “green card”) to 50,000 people who are chosen at random from countries that do not send many immigrants to the United States. Individuals and families who would otherwise be unable to legally move to the United States can apply for a green card through this program.

Filling out a simple online form (also known as a green card lottery) to enter the Diversity Visa lottery (also known as a green card lottery) is free. Every year, from early October to early November, you can enter the lottery. A computer selects the winners at random, and they and their immediate relatives receive green cards.

Not sure if you qualify for a green card based on marriage?

  • Start by checking your eligibility.
  • Learn what we do for you
  • History of the Diversity Visa

The Immigration Act of 1990 established the Diversity Visa as a strategy to promote the diversity of immigrants to the United States. The majority of immigrants to the United States have always come from a few nations, and Congress created the Diversity Visa program to increase the number of immigrants from smaller countries and countries that do not send many immigrants to the United States.

The US State Department is in charge of administering the Diversity Visa. The State Department organizes the lottery, picks the winners, and notifies them. Because most immigrants who win the Diversity Visa lottery are living outside the United States when they win, over 95 percent of those who win go through the State Department to obtain their green cards.

Just because the Diversity Visa is in place now doesn’t mean it won’t alter in the future. Several previous and current immigration reform legislation in Congress would completely remove the program, while none of these proposals have yet been approved.


Who Is Eligible for the Diversity Visa?

Country of birth

You must have been born in a country that has sent less than 50,000 immigrants to the United States in the previous five years to be eligible for the Diversity Visa. The nations that are eligible vary from year to year, although Canada, China, India, Mexico, and the United Kingdom are never on the list because they all send a considerable number of immigrants to the United States.

If your home country is not eligible, you can still apply for a Diversity Visa in one of two ways:

You can apply with your spouse and choose your spouse’s birth country on your application if your spouse was born in an eligible nation.
You can pick your mother’s or father’s country of birth if neither of your parents were lawful residents in your own country of birth.


The second key condition for Diversity Visa applicants is that you have a high school diploma or two years of work experience in a job that requires at least two years of training, as assessed by the US Department of Labor, during the previous five years.

General admissibility requirements


If you and your family are picked in the green card lottery, you must meet the same requirements as any other green card applicant in the United States. You may be ineligible for a green card if you have certain types of criminal convictions. There are also some medical issues that may make obtaining a green card difficult or impossible.

What if I’m married to a US citizen or have other relatives who live in the US?
You can still apply for the Diversity Visa lottery if you’re married to a US citizen. However, there is no benefit to doing so because filing for a marriage-based green card would nearly always allow you to enter the United States sooner.

It may still be advantageous to apply for the Diversity Visa lottery if you have another family member who could sponsor your green card. Some family-based immigration categories, such as siblings of U.S. citizens, take a long time to process, and if you won the Diversity Visa lottery, you would be able to come to the United States much sooner.

How to Apply

Entering the Lottery

It is relatively simple to enter the lottery. From early October to early November, you fill out a form on the State Department’s website while it is still available. The majority of the questions are straightforward; nevertheless, there are a few instances where these additional ideas may be beneficial:

Indicate your natal nation in the “country of birth” field, regardless of where you currently reside. Use the country’s current name if it differs from the name you were given when you were born.

List either your country of birth or—if you qualify to use your spouse’s or parents’ birth countries—that country for “country of eligibility.” The country in which you currently reside has no bearing on this question.
Your partner: Even if your spouse does not live with you and does not intend to immigrate with you, you must list him or her.

Your children: No matter how old they are, you must list all of your biological children as well as all of your adopted children. You should also include all stepchildren under the age of 21, even if you are no longer married to their parent. Once you’ve submitted your application, keep your confirmation number because this is the only way to find out if you’ve been chosen.

Selection and Notification

The winners of the Diversity Visa lottery are selected at random by a computer algorithm, with a set number of visas awarded to each region of the world and no single country obtaining more than 7% of the Diversity Visas available in any given year.

People who applied for a Diversity Visa lottery can check the status of their application starting in early May the year after they applied by going to the Diversity Visa webpage and clicking on the Entrant Status Check link. This is why it’s critical to keep track of your confirmation number: You won’t be able to see if you’ve been chosen if you don’t have it.

What happens next?

It’s critical to act quickly if you’re chosen in the green card lottery, even if you won’t be able to come to the United States for another year or more. There are two compelling reasons to act now: First and foremost, your application must be processed and your visa issued by the end of the fiscal year for which you were chosen. Second, there are more people who have been chosen for the Diversity Visa than there are visas available, so you may not be able to acquire one if you wait until the last minute.

You’ll be given a numerical rank when you’re notified that you’ve won the Diversity Visa, which will tell you when you may apply for your visa. You can check the State Department’s visa bulletin toward the end of July to learn when you can submit your application. The first visas are available on October 1, the beginning day of the fiscal year for the United States government, and you can apply up to 90 days ahead of time.

If you’re outside the United States

The vast majority of persons selected for the Diversity Visa do not currently reside in the United States and will apply for a green card at a US consulate in their home country. You should submit form DS-260 to the National Visa Center as soon as you discover that a visa is available. After your application has been processed, it will be sent to the US consulate, who will set up a visa interview for you. At the interview, if you meet all of the conditions, you will be granted an immigrant visa.

If you’re in the United States

If you win the Diversity Visa lottery while in the United States in a temporary immigration status (officially known as “non-immigrant status”), you’ll apply for a green card through US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) by filing Form I-485. According to the visa bulletin, you should submit your application as soon as a visa becomes available.

Avoiding scams

Unfortunately, scammers sometimes take advantage of the Diversity Visa program to deceive hopeful immigrants. Here are a few pointers to help you avoid frequent Diversity Visa scams:

It is actualy completely free to enter the Diversity Visa lottery. Anyone claiming to collect a fee on behalf of the Department of State is defrauding would-be immigrants.
The Department of State does not inform winners by letter or email; the only method to find out if you’ve been chosen is to use Entrant Status Check to check your application.

The odds of winning the Diversity Visa lottery aren’t great, but if you’re lucky, it can be a means to come to the United States even if you don’t have any family or employment links. However, if you’re married to a US citizen, a marriage green card is almost certainly the preferable alternative.

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