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Canadian Lottery Visa Application Form 2021/2022 – Apply Here

Canadian Visa Lottery Application


Canadian Lottery Visa Application Form 2021/2022 – Apply Here

The Canadian visa lottery application form is another opportunity for those who dream of living in Canada. Those who are going on vacation fill out the application form and it is one of the criteria to participate in the lottery.

However, Canada today is a land of welcome for many immigrants, as we see a large number of immigrants almost everywhere. If you are interested in the Canadian lottery visa application form, keep reading this article for more details.

Canada Review

Canada is the land of beautiful landscapes and freshwater lakes. It is one of the largest countries in the world with the longest coastline.

Living in Canada is not very difficult because immigrants survive here. Everything you have heard about Canada can be one of the things that attract you there. Even if you don’t have enough funds, you have to participate in this Canadian visa lottery.

Also, many people in the world are not given the right information on how to enter the Canadian visa lottery. Therefore, it is necessary to provide this information.

Here is what to note

You need a proper guide when you fill out your Canadian visa lottery application form. The visa policy is simple and not as difficult as in some countries.

However, there are certain criteria that need your attention first. The Canadian visa lottery application is open to everyone; it can be applied for by married, single, or others.

Types of Canadian Visas

Here are the types of visas for those who travel to Canada, make your choice:

  • Canadian Visitor
  • Skilled Worker
  • Diplomat
  • Transit
  • Agricultural worker
  • Tourist
  • Pilgrimage
  • Students
  • Business

Canadian Visa Lottery Application Form Requirements

In the meantime, here are the documents and items you must have before you can successfully apply for the Canadian visa lottery:

  • 2 recent passports
  • Biometric
  • Visitor Visa Form (IMM 5257)
  • Family Information Form (IMM 5645)
  • Your personal bank statements
  • Your medical records
  • In a non-paying situation, provide your sponsors with bank statements.
  • Proof of ties to your country of residence.
  • Travel history with an international passport.

How to apply for the Canadian visa lottery application form

Before going to the Canadian visa registration portal, you must first download these forms; or fill them out online at https://www.cananavisa.comassess/Canada-immigration.

Also, to register for the Canadian visa lottery, you just need to follow the few steps below;

  • Visit the official website of the Canadian lottery as seen above.
  • Select your evaluation form
  • Add your contact information
  • Provide your personal contact information
  • Submit your annual income
  • Language skills
  • Are you interested in a job offer in Canada?
  • Do you have friends or family in Canada?
  • Note your work history
  • Finally, press the “Submit Form” button.

It is important to note that all websites that publish an application to the Canadian visa lottery direct people to the Canadian visa company


Note that the official website of a Canadian visa lottery does not work, so be careful of websites that advertise the Canadian visa lottery.

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