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How To Bring Your Family to Canada on a Student Visa (2021)

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How To Bring Your Family to Canada on a Student Visa (2021)

The separation of international students from their spouses/common-law partners has proven to be difficult to achieve in recent years. Immigration Canada has recognized this fact and has made it possible to bring your family to Canada on a student visa. It has put in place a system that allows families of international students to come and stay with them in Canada during their short stay.

This means that your spouse can join you for the duration of your studies. Your spouse can then apply for an open work permit. The open work permit allows you to work in the field of your choice, as long as the student visa is valid.

Dependent children will also be allowed given the position of family unification through immigration to Canada. They have seen the importance of family around.

International Students with a Spouse or Common-law Partner.

Here, your spouse/common-law partner can apply for an open work permit. While you are studying, your spouse can work full or part-time for anyone in Canada without needing a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMI).

If you are fortunate enough to be offered a post-graduate job after your studies, your spouse can renew his/her work permit.

International Students with Children

International students who are studying full-time may bring their children. Children under the age of 19 are considered minors and may accompany the international student as long as the student visa is valid. Children over the age of 19 may not have the same privilege.

Only children who are mentally or physically incompetent are granted this request. It is assumed that these groups of children cannot support themselves financially and therefore need their parents. In addition, these children need special attention from their parents. Dependent children can attend any public school for free while you study.

NOTE: If the parent loses status (i.e. loses their student visa), the children and spouse may lose their respective privileges. In other words, spouses lose work authorization. In addition, the child loses free education.

Application Process

There are two ways to apply for the invitation;

1. The accepted international student applies for it along with the study permit.

2. The student applies for the study permit and provides complete information about the family that will accompany him/her.

Required documents are;

  • Proof of enrollment from the student;
  • A letter of invitation to the parent;
  • Proof of relationship to the international student; therefore a marriage certificate, the birth certificate is required;
  • Finally, a copy of the valid study permit.
  • NOTE: The parent must prove that they have sufficient funds to support themselves in Canada.

Can I stay in Canada after my studies?

Being an international student increases your chances of being eligible for permanent residence. Immigration programs will also be available to you. Your or your spouse’s experience in learning their language may also be an advantage in allowing you to stay in the country.

When you choose to immigrate to Canada permanently after completing your studies, you can do so through the federal Express Entry system.

You will increase your chances of receiving an entry visa when you and your spouse submit your profiles to the Express Entry pool.

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