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How To Get A Canadian Work Permit Without A Job Offer (2021)


How To Get A Canadian Work Permit Without A Job Offer (2021)

Many people wonder if they can receive a work visa in Canada without a job offer. Have you ever wished to work in another country? Or maybe you’ve already secured a job and aren’t sure if you’ll be able to receive a work permit? The answer is contingent on the type of work you were offered/applied for. Knowing this, you should be aware that not all jobs necessitate a work permit. Meanwhile, as a candidate, you must understand what a work permit is and the numerous types available.

How To Get A Canadian Work Permit Without A Job Offer

What is a Work Permit?

A work permit is paperwork that allows you to work in Canada and validates your eligibility. As a result, if you plan on working there, you should have it.

Types of Work Permit

In Canada, there are different types of foreign employees. A foreign worker is divided into two categories:

  • Permanent Worker.
  • Temporary Worker;

Temporary Worker

A temporary worker is someone who comes in for a short time and then leaves. As a result, candidates must return to their home countries after a certain period of time. The temporary workers, on the other hand, are divided into two categories:

Open Work Permit

Foreign workers with this form of work authorization can work for any organization or corporation. However, such businesses must adhere to Canada’s basic labor rules. Escort services, erotic massage, and exotic dancing, on the other hand, are not included.

Employer-Specific Work Permit

Employer-specific information is scarce. That is, you are unable to work for many organizations. In this company, you’re only permitted to work with them.

Permanent Worker

Permanent workers are those who aim to stay in Canada permanently. They will, of course, require a separate type of work visa. To be eligible for this, you must be a trained professional tradesperson with a substantial amount of work experience.

Applicants who want to immigrate permanently can usually do so using the Express Entry method. The benefit of this is that you do not need a work offer to apply for immigration. However, in order to be connected to a Canadian business, you must first register with Employment and Social Development Canada’s employment bank.

Young people who have no prior work experience but desire to work there are also welcome to apply. The young people, on the other hand, would have to apply through International Experience Canada. Only persons between the ages of 18 and 30 are eligible. Applicants can work in any field they choose to get experience in and in whatever location they want. To apply for a work permit, they do not need a job offer.

Jobs That Need Work Permit

Certain vocations in Canada require a work permit and are extremely vital. The following are two common examples of employment that require it:

  • Agricultural Workers.
  • Caregivers;


These are individuals who look after the elderly, disabled, and children. There are carers who are fortunate to be able to live where they work because their employers provide them with housing. Some people, however, do not have this privilege.

Agricultural Workers

Agricultural workers are persons who work on farms and in food processing plants.

To apply for a work permit for these jobs, you must have a job offer.

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