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Top 10 LMI jobs in Canada for Immigrants (2021)

LMI jobs in Canada

Canada Jobs

Top 10 LMI jobs in Canada for Immigrants (2021)

The short form of the LMIA appears when trying to discover a job in Canada. It is a document that certifies that one is qualified for a job in Canada. Unfortunately, only a few people understand what it means and how it can affect your employment opportunities.

What is the LMIA?

The LMIA, which stands for Labour Market Impact Assessment, is a document that an employer must obtain in order to hire a foreign specialist. It demonstrates the need to fill a specific position and that there are no Canadians or permanent residents to fill the vacancy. With an LMIA, an employer can employ both skilled and unskilled foreign specialists, as long as they (the applicants) have legitimate entry into the nation.

Top 10 LMI jobs in Canada for Immigrants

1. Truck Driver

Horticulture, mineral exploration, oil and gas, and agriculture are fundamental areas in Canada that are intensely dependent on transportation infrastructure. It’s no wonder that truck drivers are so deeply popular.

Truck drivers are sought after in every Canadian jurisdiction, for all intents and purposes. Some of them even have migration channels reserved for foreign truck drivers. Although you need an LMIA to obtain a truck driver work permit, the Canadian government has allowed employers to recruit immigrants without this document in order to fill the labour shortage in the region.

2. Agricultural Supervisor

As mentioned above, the agricultural sector is a key pillar of the country’s economy. There is a need for farm managers to work in various regions, including animal, grain, farm creation, and aquaculture. There are over 2.3 million workers in the agricultural sector and the demand for additional specialists continues.

3. Caregivers

Canada has a huge population of seniors. Combine that with a low birth rate and you have an open door for immigrants to find work as caregivers. The Caregiver Pilot Program allows immigrants to work as home support workers or childcare providers with little regard to their work experience. All things considered, they will have to meet different variables, such as language ability, education, and an invitation to apply from the Canadian government.

After working as a caregiver for two years and gaining sufficient experience, it will then be possible to apply for permanent residence.

4. Software Engineering

The technology sector in Canada is booming, and job opportunities in this field are a mainstay. The nation is one of the leading countries in technological developments, and the demand for programmers will continue in the long term. The region is home to more than one million people, with urban communities such as Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, and Vancouver ranking among the top 20 urban communities in North America for technology talent. Some of the region’s top positions include artificial intelligence (AI), programming advancement, and cybersecurity.

The best territories to target when looking for a software engineer position are British Columbia and Alberta, where software engineers are one of the most in-demand skills in their PNP. Those seeking a position in the Alberta PNP may have a more limited processing period of only two months.

5. Construction Managers

There is an abundance of work in the construction and building sectors in Canada, particularly in Alberta, Ontario, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan. These regions have invited candidates as part of their PNP as they have organized foundation and long-term development projects. This means that construction managers are and will be in demand for a long time.

Permanent construction jobs are in the residential area as the country plans to build housing units for the more than 1.23 million foreign specialists expected to flock to the country by 2023.

  • 6. Oil and Gas Drilling Professionals

    7. Registered Nurses

    8. Web Developers

    9. Electrician

    10. Structural Engineer/Civil Engineer

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