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How to Move to Canada with your Family?

Age Limit for Canadian Immigration


How to Move to Canada with your Family?

Immigration to Canada is not a one-step process, it takes many steps, planning, money and experience to successfully come to Canada. Many people lack experience and proper guidance, and find themselves confused and frustrated by the process.

Canada has several channels and programs that are used to attract and retain eligible and skilled immigrants to Canada. You can come to Canada as a student, skilled worker, or through various sponsorship programs.

There are programs for single unmarried people as well as programs for legally married couples or families with children. If you decide to move to Canada with your family, you will need to choose one of the family programs.

There are two ways to move to Canada with your family, one is the Federal Skilled Worker program linked to the Canadian Federal Express Entry. The other is the family sponsorship program.

Canada’s overall immigration policy is to invite skilled immigrants to Canada to help grow the country’s economy and strengthen its workforce.

Immigration to Canada is based on points, which means that applicants are scored based on their age, work experience, language skills, education, etc.

The Canadian Express Entry Program is used to score candidates who register and create a profile, and the candidate with the highest score is invited to apply through one of Canada’s provincial programs.

Applicants who wish to move to Canada must create an Express Entry Profile, which will then be added to a pool where they will be ranked.

You can use the Express Entry Calculator to rank yourself and see if you are eligible for an invitation.

Express Entry Pool Registration Requirements

You will need a

  1. A passport.
  2. A medical certificate
  3. Education certificate
  4. Police certificate
  5. Proof of funds
  6. Passport photograph
  7. Employment and income statements to prove work experience
  8. IELTS test results to prove your language skills.
  9. Be sure to gather all of these documents as you will be asked to submit them when you complete or create your Express Entry Profile.
  10. How do I create an Express Entry Profile?
  11. Visit Canada’s official website to obtain the form.
  12. Canada will ask you to complete a questionnaire to verify your eligibility (Express Entry Questionnaire).
  13. After completing the questionnaire, you will receive a personal reference code.
  14. Click on the Express Entry Form and answer all questions to create your profile.
  15. Create your login data and complete your profile registration
  16. You will be asked for your reference code, fill it in and continue.
  17. Fill in the different sections of the profile
  18. You will be asked if you have a job offer in Canada if you have to fill in the job offer form, otherwise, click on none.
  19. Accept all terms and conditions and submit them.
  20. You will receive a profile number and other messages confirming that your account has been successfully created.
  21. You will now have to wait for an invitation from a Canadian province.
  22. Canadian provincial appointments occur weekly or monthly, so you should be on alert for the latest news about an invitation. For an update on provincial nominations, visit our Canadian Immigration page.
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