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Easiest Step To Win American Visa Lottery In The Green Card Program (2022)


Easiest Step To Win American Visa Lottery In The Green Card Program (2022)

Is the United States of America your dream Country? Are you seeking immigration to America via the popular Visa Lottery Program? Do you want to identify the easiest ways to go about winning the world-famous American Visa lottery? If your answer to these questions is a resounding YES! Then this article is the answer you have been looking around for.

The Green Card Program is a procedure that randomly selects applicants seeking permanent Visas to the United States of America. Successful applicants acquire Green Cards that permit them to reside and work in the USA perpetually along with their nuclear family members. Applicants have to go through 16 critical stages to follow thoroughly to qualify for a Green Card.

Thankfully, a Professional Immigration Firm has helped a massive number of people go through the registration procedures without having their applications rescinded. Since its inception in 1998, the USGreen Card Office has assisted a lot of people to go through the registration procedures smoothly by:

  • Supporting applicants in completing a flawless application.
  • Aiding chosen applicants in delivering their DS-260 application to the Kentucky Consular Centre(KCC).
  • Adequately educating applicants ahead of their Visa Interview at the American Embassy in their country of residence.

Easiest Way To Win The American Visa Lottery

  • Apply Online.

Application and payment of application cost take a few minutes, all thanks to the easy-to-use system of the USGreen Card Office.

  • Decide on an application plan.

Explore the various available application plans and decide on the program that is satisfactory for you. Also, pay the application cost attached to your chosen program

  • Upload your Pictures.

Permit the immigration experts to aid you in putting things in order by uploading your picture(s).

  • Wait for your Picture Approval.

The immigration team at the USGreen Card Office only permits good pictures. The experts at the Office will inform you of any of your photograph’s adjustments or verifications. So, wait patiently for your picture approval.

  • Wait for your Visa registration to be approved.

The USGreen Card experts will give a final assessment and endorsement to your application before delivering it to the US Government.

  • The US Government collects your application.

The US government receives your Visa application at the proper location and period. The USGreen Card Office is responsible for delivering your application to the US Government.

  • The US government will allocate a personal verification number to you.

A personal verification number will be allotted to you by the US Government, and the USGreen Card Office will send it to you. This number denotes that your application has been delivered & successfully endorsed, and you should safeguard it.

  • The US Government passes your application into a Lottery Draw.

The US State Department closely supervises and confirms the drawing process. A digital random number generator performs the draw leaving no room for manipulation or cheating.

  • The US Government dispatches all allotment notice letters directly.

One hundred twenty-five thousand were selected initially, but only fifty-five thousand applicants will eventually secure their visas from the US government. Since the credentials available are limited, applicants chosen are advised to respond once they are notified quickly.

  • The Kentucky Consular Centre(KCC) collects your online application.

It is highly recommended that you contact the USGreen Card Office if any concern or issue arises because any blunder on the application could ensue in outright Visa Interview contradiction or put off. A careful approach to this step is required for the above rationale.

  • The KCC will send you a nomination letter for your Visa Interview.

 After carefully examining your completed application, the Kentucky Consular Center will send you an email notifying you of a set Visa Interview at the US Embassy in your home country.

  • Be adequately prepared for your Visa Interview.

Adequate preparation is vital for your Visa interview. You should consult the USGreen Card for help with all helpful information.

  • Attend your Visa Interview.

Immigration officials will ask questions, and the immigration department will review your documentation during the interview at the Embassy in the Country of your residence.

  • Procure a temporary travel Visa to get into the United States of America.

An immigration officer will grant you an immigrant visa on completion of your Visa Interview.  Your temporary Visa and proof of your green card status will impress the Port of Entry into the USA, also known as the International Airport you will be arriving at.

  • Securing Flight Tickets.

Secure flight tickets and move your personal effects from your country of residence over to the USA if you so wish. 

  • After arrival, you will get your Green Card.

After 3 to 4 weeks of your arrival, your actual Green Card will be dispatched to your stipulated address in the USA.


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