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Working in Canada Without A Work Permit (2021)

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Working in Canada Without A Work Permit (2021)

To work in Canada, you must first obtain a work permit or apply for a work visa which is usually issued by the Canadian government.

To obtain a work permit or a work visa in Canada, you must have a job offer in Canada before applying for the work visa, that is if you live outside of Canada. The employer applies to the Canadian government to obtain a work permit on behalf of the employee.

This process can be very long and exhausting before the application is accepted and sometimes it can be rejected completely.

The work permit, if granted, will allow the person or employee to work in Canada for a specific period of validity.

Depending on the work permit issued, whether it is an open work permit or an employer-specified work permit, you can either work for different employers at the same time or for a specific employer, the one listed on the temporary work permit.

Jobs That Does Not require a Work Permit in Canada

There are some situations where you do not need a work permit to work in Canada; in this case, you must work in certain occupations.

This means that there are jobs in Canada that do not require a work permit, but these jobs are usually short-term and in specific fields.

For example, a soccer player or athlete entering Canada for a competition that will only last a certain amount of time, or a musician performing a concert.

Some of these occupations may not require a work permit, but you should keep in mind that if your occupation is listed below, it does not mean that you automatically qualify for a work permit exemption.

However, a person who is qualified to work without a permit must have the necessary temporary visa that will allow you to enter Canada on a temporary basis.

  • Athletes and crew members
  • Investors and business guests
  • Aviation inspectors and controllers
  • Pastorates and clergy
  • Entertainment and Convention Coordinators
  • Group parties
  • Crisis Co-operator
  • Analyst and Evaluator
  • Parent of a foreign delegate
  • An international government official or ambassador
  • Medical student
  • Judge, arbitrator, or similar authority
  • Military personnel
  • Press correspondents or film and media group
  • Creator or promotional staff member
  • Artists and musicians
  • Public and community speakers
  • Temporary skilled workers
  • Short-term analysts
  • Students working on and off-campus

If a foreign national is employed in any of the above positions, they are likely to be granted a work permit exemption.

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